NETFLIX Genre: Screwball Comedies

Netflix box art for Flirting with Disaster Flirting with Disaster
1996 / 92

In this comedy of errors, a soon-to-be father sets out to find his birth parents, accompanied by his wife and a sexy female adoption agent.

Netflix box art for Mistress America Mistress America
2015 / 84

Dissatisfied and lonely despite New York City's fast pace, an out-of-place college student is swept into her future stepsister's madcap life. A fish-out-of-water freshman hates life until her future stepsister teaches her to jump in with both feet.

Netflix box art for Runaway Bride Runaway Bride
1999 / 3.3 / 116
Cc Hd

Sparks fly when a newspaper columnist writes a one-sided, sexist story about a commitment-phobic bride who abandoned three men at the altar. She's a bride with a permanent case of cold feet. He's a reporter in danger of becoming part of her story.