NETFLIX Genre: Vampire Movies

Netflix box art for Dracula 2000 Dracula 2000
2000 / 99

When Dracula is accidentally freed from a century of confinement in a vault, he sets off on a voracious quest for world domination and eternal life.

Netflix box art for Lesbian Vampire Killers Lesbian Vampire Killers
2009 / 3.1 / 86
Cc Hd

On a getaway to the country, a young couple find themselves stuck in a village where all the women have been enslaved by a legendary vampire curse. Chasing after women, two down-on-their-luck dudes stumble upon their dream come true ... or is it their worst nightmare?

Netflix box art for The Moth Diaries Moth Diaries, The
2011 / 3 / 82
Cc Hd

Rebecca's life at boarding school is upended when her best pal Lucy befriends new girl Ernessa, who Rebecca suspects is a vampire. Could she be right? Two years ago, her new friends pulled her from darkness. Now, an unknown force will come to devour them all.

Netflix box art for Stan Helsing Stan Helsing
2009 / 90

When he makes a late-night delivery to a strange town, video store clerk Stan Helsing finds himself hunted by a who's who of slasher-film killers. They lost at karaoke fair and square. But Jason Voorhees and a cadre of slashers refuse to get out of town.