Jenny McCarthy

Netflix box art for BASEketball BASEketball
1998 / 103

When two slackers' made-up sport, BASEketball, becomes a national craze, they hope to cash in on the basketball/baseball hybrid's popularity. To impress girls, two slackers invent a new sport. Instead, they reel in a millionaire investor. Sweet!

Netflix box art for Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe
2009 / 2.9 / 84
Cc Hd

Jenny McCarthy reprises her role as Santa Claus's daughter in this festive sequel. When Santa wearies of his job, he taps her as his successor. She has big shoes to fill -- not to mention big pants -- if she's going to take over for St. Nick, aka Dad.

Netflix box art for Scary Movie 3 Scary Movie 3
2003 / 84

The Wayans brothers give way to comedy master David Zucker for this third installment of the series. But don't expect Zucker to stick just to horror. Horror, sci-fi and a rapper's big-screen debut. It's all fodder for spoofing, with cameos aplenty.

Netflix box art for Scream 3 Scream 3
2000 / 116

This installment of the tongue-in-cheek horror trilogy finds Sidney Prescott once again battling a crazed killer -- this time, on a movie set. Stalked by a psychopath in a ghost mask ... again. Will the third time be the charm for this killer?