Nancy Travis

Netflix box art for Submarine Kid, The Submarine Kid, The
2015 / 110

A traumatized Marine back from Afghanistan meets a troubled young woman who introduces him to a 1950s comic book story that resonates with him.

Netflix box art for The Jane Austen Book Club The Jane Austen Book Club
2007 / 105

Six book club members find their lives resemble a modern-day version of Jane Austen's novels in this drama. Who'd have thought stuffy 19th-century romance was still relevant? Turns out sex is in the subtext.

Netflix box art for The Vanishing The Vanishing
1993 / 3.5 / 109
Cc Hd

After his girlfriend mysteriously disappears at a rest stop, a young man embarks on an obsessive three-year quest to learn what happened to her. The woman he loves disappeared into thin air. What's worse is not knowing what happened ... or so he thinks.